About Us

The Cove Goa is managed by a set of people with extensive experience in corporate work and entrepreneurship. With a combined experience of more than 50 years in Engineering, Consulting, HR, Training and Theatre, the team behind The cove Goa aims to offer comprehensive solutions to support budding entrepreneurs, build communities, impart knowledge and build cultural awareness.

The Cove Goa is conceptualized with the firm belief that success is a factor of passion, hard work and timing.

We at The cove Goa aim to offer an experience like no other, meeting the needs of a wide range of people:


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Artists, musicians and performers
  • Speakers
  • Art enthusiasts
  • Food enthusiasts

With ample natural lighting during the day and mood lighting in the evening, The Cove Goa inspires you to give your best to yourself and achieve unparalleled outcomes.